Do Gears Really Matter on an eBike?

Posted by on Mar 29, 2016 in Tips |

Having gears on a bike makes life a lot easier, but when it comes to an electric bike, do gears really play an important role? With almost anything in life, there’s an upside and a downside to just about everything. What’s the downside to having gears on a bike? The most common downsides are (1) added cost, (2) added weight, and (3) added complexity which can lead to added cost of repairs.

Avoiding gears when possible is a great idea, but the question really comes down to your personal mission when riding an electric bike. Are you using an electric bike for fun, exercise, or commuting? What does the topography look like that you ride on? Is it flat or hilly?

If you’re typically riding on a flat surface and hardly encounter hills, then having gears on an eBike won’t benefit you all that much. Riding on flat surfaces with an eBike is only beneficial if you want to pedal at really high speeds (15-20+ MPH). If you hardly ever pedal when riding your eBike and find yourself using the throttle most of the time, then having gears won’t add much value.

If you’re the type of eBike rider who loves to pedal, or you find yourself going up and down hills pretty often, then having gears is a great compliment to your electric bike. Being able to shift into a higher gears when your speed increases is great. Without gears at a high speed, sometimes you will find yourself pedaling like a windmill where you aren’t actually helping drive the wheel. Going up hills in a low gear and while using the motor is awesome on an eBike. You’ll find that there’s hardly any hills that you won’t be able to get up if you use the combo of gears and the motor.

The one true benefit of having gears in any type of mission or scenario is the ability to pedal with more ease if you’re battery ever dies. We hope to have helped you decide whether or not you need gears on your next eBike! Until next time, ride safe!