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The great thing about an eBike is that it offers all of the advantages and benefits of a bicycle, while eliminating one of the main drawbacks of bicycles. Specifically, like any bicycle, an eBike is a low-impact and environmentally sustainable way of getting exercise while getting around. It’s smaller than a motorcycle, almost completely silent, very maneuverable, and extremely cost-effective. It will get you around most urban areas as quickly as a car will, while affording you many more storage and parking options. It increases your coordination and core strength, not to mention your sense of balance, tones your muscles, is great for your breathing and overall health, and even contributes to better levels of vitamin D in your body (because bicycle riders are outside and getting more exposure to daylight). The only real downside to riding a bicycle for transportation as opposed to a motorized scooter or motorcycle is that if you get fatigued or are facing a very steep hill, you may have to get off and walk. But this is where the great benefit of the electric bicycle comes into play:Thanks to the electric motor, you can let the motor do the work if you get to tired. That same motor can extend your effective range in pedal assist models, completely take the burden of forward motion if you want to glide without effort, and help you get up even the steepest hills without too much trouble at all. The electric bicycle is like a bicycle… evolved. It’s the next step in two-wheeled transportation.

Electric bicycles are almost overwhelmingly legal, too. They occupy kind of an interesting little position when it comes to vehicle and traffic regulations. A motorcycle requires a special license to drive and is as powerful (if not much more so) as a passenger car. A scooter is the same type of mechanism and powered by gasoline like a motorcycle, but because it is not nearly so powerful, it requires no special license to drive it. Anyone with a driver’s license can drive a scooter or a moped. Mopeds are probably the evolutionary ancestor of the electric bicycle, a kind of marriage between the scooter and the bicycle to produce a motorized scooter that can also be pedaled. When a scooter becomes too powerful (when its power exceeds a specific legal limit) it becomes a motorcycle and, again, a special license is needed.

Electric bicycles, by contrast, require no special license. You don’t even have to have a driver’s license to ride an electric bicycle that is classified as such. What makes the difference is that electric bicycles are regulated to minimize their top possible speed. This provides two benefits. The first is the obvious one: It keeps the bicycle below, say, 20 miles per hour on electric assist, to prevent it from being classed as a scooter rather than a bicycle. But it also helps the motor to last longer. The top speed of an electric motor represents the upper limit of what it can do. If you run an electric motor at its absolute top speed all the time, the motor will wear out much more quickly than if you ran it at, say, seventy to eighty percent of its design capacity. The regulator thus stops the rider from pushing the motor to the limit of what it can do, resulting in more reasonable wear on the motor and longer motor life overall.

That brings us to effective range. Obviously, your electric bicycle has as much range as you do… because it’s a bicycle. You can travel as far as you have the muscle power to propel yourself. But of course when people ask what the range of an eBike is, they are talking about the range of the battery to power the electric motor. The battery of your eBike will vary depending on the model. Some have more power than others. The motor also makes a difference, as some bicycles use more power to drive a bigger motor. And there is a point of diminishing returns, too: A smaller motor will take longer to power its way up a hill, using more “juice,” than a slightly larger motor that is straining less. The range is further complicated by the fact that some bicycles have “pedal assist” mode, in which the motor makes pedaling easier. This extends your range by making it easier and thus less tiring to pedal. You have to do some of the work, but because you are, the motor’s battery lasts longer, and you get farther without getting tired.

Electric bicycles eliminate one of the major concerns of transportation, which is breakdowns. Many electric bicycle manufacturers will provide you with some kind of written warranty that provides for replacement or repair of your electrical bicycle or its components should something fail prematurely. But if your bicycle does break down, in that the battery discharges or the motor stops working, it’s a much less serious problem than if you have a mechanical problem with a car or motorcycle. That’s because, if you run out of battery power or your car stops working… you are still riding a bicycle, and you can pedal your bicycle home or to your destination. Minor problems like flat tires and other bicycle issues may still happen, as with any bicycle, but experienced riders know how to cope with these problems, and beginners will find them simple and easy enough to cope with.

No discussion of electric bicycles would be complete without discussing cost. There is a very wide range of bicycle costs on the market right now. Understand that unlike bicycles, you can’t go to the nearest Wal-Mart, plunk down a hundred dollars, and expect to buy a serviceable eBike. It’s going to take several hundred dollars at least to get a decent eBike, and you can easily spend a couple of thousand or more on a premium, high-end bicycle. The good news is that prices for electric bicycles continue to drop. As they grow in popularity — as evidenced by the popularity of various crowd-funding, budget-oriented electric bikes — that price will continue to fall, bringing the low end for eBikes down farther and farther. Right now, if an electric bicycle is a priority for you, you can afford one with a little bit of effort.

While it is generally true that more expensive means better quality, this is not always the case. The more you are willing to pay for your electric bicycle, the more the likelihood that your bike uses premium and high-quality parts. There is very little a premium priced bike can do, however, that an imported bicycle cannot do if the import is well made. Buying an imported electric bicycle usually means a lower cost, making the final product more accessible to more consumers. And as more people buy electric bikes and eBikes continue to go mainstream, costs will again trend lower. Expect to pay more to get certain features that you want, or options to include a bigger battery, better recharging options, cargo carrying options, or color and aesthetic options. The best electric bikes come in a selection of colors, but some manufacturers offer a great product in limited or no color selections.

Ultimately, we can’t recommend any one bike over another for everybody, because everyone’s needs are different. What is wildly expensive to one person might be only moderately expensive to another (or not at all). Some options, like pedal assist, might be critical to how you intend to use your electric bike. Other riders might not care about that option, depending on whether they are commuting, using the bicycle for fun, or just trying to get more exercise. What we do know is that electric bicycles are incredibly popular. We tried to find exact figures and found that a little bit challenging, but we do know that the number of bicycle riders now is greater than the number of bicycle riders in past years. There have been several crowdfunding campaigns for electric bicycles that raked in way more money than anybody expected them to, also, which means that there is huge demand out there for electric bikes among people looking to adopt the eBike lifestyle.

What is that lifestyle? Well, electric bicycles have all of the same health benefits that just riding a non-powered bike gives you. First and foremost among these is that riding a bicycle increases your overall level of activity, which is very important in these days of increasingly sedentary lifestyles. We already mentioned that getting out and biking exposes you to outdoor sunlight, which is good for you more often than not (obviously, you want to avoid sunburn and skin cancer). The more active you are, the less likely you are to be obese, and avoiding or correcting obesity brings with it a whole host of healthy benefits. These include decreased risk various health problems, and an increase in restful sleep (because increased outdoor activity is definitely associated with getting better, more restful sleep at night, and falling asleep more quickly).

So, there you have it: The electric bicycle is the transportation method of the future, a sustainable, environmentally sound, physically healthful method of transportation that is as fun as it is utilitarian. Costing just pennies on the dollar compared to other methods of motorized transport, the eBike is a vehicle whose time has finally come.